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*  All holds expire at the end of each business day

Holds can be placed over the phone or in person

*  Limit of 2 items per customer (sets and/or matches of furniture will be considered one item)

*  No holds on discounted items


Layaways & Deposits

*  10% deposit with a $50.00 minimum                      

*  14 Business day layaway including pick-up.

*  All deposited and payment amounts are subject to 15% restocking fee or 100% store credit within 2 week layaway period.

*  Two items per invoice can be exchanged for new item before invoice is closed.  A 15% restocking fee will apply on all

    other changes.

*  On 15th day all items will be forfeited and returned to inventory with no refund.

*  Four (4) item maximum on deposit at one time. (per customer not per invoice)


Customer Pick-Ups

*    Maximum 7 business day pick-up period from date of invoice.

*    Storage fees of $1.00 per day per item will be charged from the 15th day forward until abandonment is determined (30 days).

      Abandoned items are forfeited with no refund or store credit.                   

*   Customer must have receipt and ID when picking up items or call ahead when third party will be picking-up.

*   Used Furniture Gallery will assume NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY for damages incurred as a result of loading customer vehicles and/or customer transportation of merchandise

*   Vehicle loading and securing the load is the sole responsibility of the customer.  Associates are permitted to help in this process  


*    No response within 30 days of any “Paid in Full” sale is considered abandonment and all items will be returned to store stock for resale with no refunds.


Storage Fees

*  Storage fees will begin on the 15th day from invoice date.  Storage rate is one dollar ($1.00) a day per item.

*  All items not picked up within 30 days will be considered abandoned and forfeited with NO REFUNDS.



*    All items must be removed from store and delivered within 7 business days of closed invoice.

*    Delivery services are available.

*    Ask salesperson for details.



1. UFG In-House Delivery Charges 

*  Delivery charges are not refundable once delivery has been attempted.

*  100%  Refundable if delivery is not attempted.

2. General Merchandise

No Refund   Once item leaves property.

*  Refund          If item remains in store’s care and custody for less than two weeks;

                                   Option #1 -  15% restocking fee (85% Refund) 

                                   Option #2 -  100% store credit 

                                          After 2 weeks NO REFUND or STORE CREDIT

3. Appliances and Electronics

*  Seven (7) day warranty if defective.  Must be returned to store within 7 Business days for full refund.


4.  New Furniture

* Manufacturer Warranties Apply



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